Monday, September 21, 2009

Just when you thought the season was over...

One of my clients sent this spy photo of the Big K out for a fall cruise a couple of weekends ago. (Pictured: Jason Veatch and Marty Sandoval). Jason is all business as if you look close- you can see the Blackberry on his hip.

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Karma "YouTube" Channel

For a direct Link to other Karma Sailing Group Videos or visit the YouTube Link on the links box to the right>>>

Friday, August 14, 2009

Determined & Ready

KSG is ready for this weekend. Light hearted and ready to sail, the team enjoy a verse of the traditional Battle hymn "Sympathy for the Devil" by the Stones.

Forecast looks to be challenging, competition is tough. But as the saying goes: "... It's better than the best day at work"

So 36.7s - Please allow us to introduce ourselves....

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Monday, July 20, 2009

We Have Company!

The two blips in this photo are Free Radical and Program, Further inshore is Legacy. (Program and Legacy are in the DH division). They worked their way up on us via the inshore route.

We've got everyone on the low side and are putting the accelerator down.

Glassy conditions are less than optimal. More soon.

1622 hrs CDT 7-20-09

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1300 hrs CDT 07-20-09

Manitou Passage-

5kts on 7 kts of WS HDG 39 Degrees. The fleet has closed the gap a bit on us. Had the DH- Legacy in shore of us for part of the am. Breeze is getting light. Working to maintain Boat speed.

It's looking like a Tuesday finish unless the breeze picks up.

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0445 CDT/ 07-20-09

Sunrise at Pt. Betsie

(Photo credit L. Sandoval/ Scott Seifert trims in the approach to Pt. Betsie)

Team Karma spent a great evening and night off the coast of Michigan. A Spectacular sunset led the way to a starry night where optimal boat speed was the objective.

With many faster boats in eyeshot of our position, the team remains focused on the completion of "leg 1" of the race.

At the writing of this brief- the early morning watch is enjoying the start of a great sunrise and bidding farewell to the crescent moon.

Until later....

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Land Ho!

Big Sable in site.

Crossing tacks with the lead two 40.7s, SeaLark , and a 395 in our plan to clear Big Sable point.
Offshore of us we have a couple of multis.
Nice afternoon heat- time to peel off some layers.

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Land Ho!

Big Sable in site.

Crossing tacks with the lead two 40.7s, SeaLark , and a 395 in our plan to clear Big Sable point.
Offshore of us we have a couple of multis.
Nice afternoon heat- time to peel off some layers.

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1439 CDT 7-19-09

Sunny MI Coast-

We have Raven a beam of us and have had her as such for much of today. M32,Farr 40's all around.

Sunny afternoon helps keep the chill off from last night.

Spent much of last night with Split Decision in shore of us. Great wind to which we were able to maintain good boat speed. When the lights came on this am- We noted her to have fallen back significantly. Visible- but a speck in the horizon.

Crew is in good spirits compliments of the Eggs & Sausage Breakfast from Chez Marty.

Good Boat speed now- have to go.

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Fw: Rail Time

------Original Message------
From: Lou Sandoval
To: Lou Sandoval
Subject: Rail Time
Sent: Jul 19, 2009 2:21 PM

Well it's been a bit of an up winmd race. We've all been getting our share of the port side rail.

As the sun came up today. We got some good news- but there is so much work to do.

As of 1413 CDT- the Sandy coast of Michigan welcomes us. The sun is out to warm us up from a chilly night.

More Soon.

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2009 Team Photo

Smiles from the Team as We prepare to leave DuSable.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

RTM- 1930 hrs 7-18-09 update

We've had light and variable winds working our way up the West coast of the Lake. Nice view of the North Shore for most of the afternoon.

Chez Marty's menu had Turkey brst Sandwiches for lunch. It's been ALL ABOUT weight to leeward side. We may get to see the Sat night Fireworks in the Southern Horizon.

The lights will be going down soon- time to get movin!

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09 RTM 1402 hrs 7-18-09

Pomp & Circumstance:

HDG 019 1.32 kts. Oscillating breeze. Just changed from #1 to 1.5 to 0.5oz and back in the first bit of time. Wind is very light.

Split D and the rest of the gang are just offshore of us.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

T-Minus 24 Hours..or so

The Warning Gun Party was held last night at CYC. As luck would have it- Mother nature threw us an interesting curve ball- a storm front that moved through just as everyone was arriving- Imagine that- not this spring? How can that be?

Well- after it got everyone's 'Sunday best' a bit damp- it proceeded through - dropped the temp quite a few degrees and left a very comfortable evening in her wake.

The afternoon- was a bit of a hodgepodge of stuff today- As "Mr. Murphy" (and his silly law) had his say- there were a series of 'character building bumps in the day' on many fronts.

Thanks goes out to the KSG 'ground team' Jason "Flying V' Veatch and Mac Team member 'Scooter' Seifert for being available to head down to the harbor and help with an instrument calibration on the Big K.

A few more things to check off the list. Chez Marty will be busy working on the meals for the Team as the rest of the team works on the list of things left. That saying about the Cobbler's kids is TOO true!

Happy MAC Friday! A bit over 24 hours left until the race..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MOB Drillz

The Karma MAC Team did their MAC- Man overboard drills this evening in prep for the race.

The above photo serves as the reminder of what this race is all about for KSG.

Going North FAST!

A pleasant night with much accomplished. One of the team's last great views of our fair city. Gotta love the view. G'night Chi-town!

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Friday, July 10, 2009

It's Starting to Get So Bad You Can't Sleep

First 36.7 Section Start in the 100th Running of the Race to Mackinac (2008)

It's a bit over one week away. On July 18, 2009 at 12:40pm Central time, the Beneteau First 36.7 Section will cross the start line for the 101st Running of the Race to Mackinac. For a fleet that has been in existence since 2002 in Lake Michigan, the twenty boat section for the 2009 Mac Race will once again be competing for the Mackinac Cup. While many other brands have tried to lay claim to being easy to sail or one of the fastest growing on Lake Michigan, they pale in comparison the First 36.7 Fleet.
Having grown from just an eight boat fleet it's first year of launch, The 36.7's have have maintained a consistent growth rate over the past eight seasons. Even this year, amidst all the economic challenges in the country, they have added to the fleet where other fleets have lost members or been flat in growth. I'd like to think that it is due in part to the camradrie in the fleet, the competition and the value the design brings in comparison to other brands. Truth be told, there will be 22 -36.7's in the race this year. Twenty boats will be competing in the One-Design Section and two boats will compete in the double-handed division. A testment to the flexibility of the design and the skill of the owners and crew that sail them.
Usually, the butterflies don't start until about Thursday of race week. The burning feeling in the pit of my stomach that keeps me up at night. Add to that a seemingly long list of things to do for the boat prep, the business, MAC race committee and it usually makes for an interesting (albeit somewhat stressful) week. I'm finally able to breathe a huge sigh of relief (as are most of our crew) after we take our traditional team photo on the dock, bid our family and loved ones farewell and cast away from the slip. It's race time- finally.
Don't know why, but this year- the burn is here a week early. Perhaps it's the goofy and wet spring we have had so far. It has been hard to get any continuity going for the race program. Busy schedules and just plain life has been at work on us. To say the pains of the world have added to it, might be the understatement of the year. Even more so, I strongly believe that it's because of the huge target that I feel our team has on it's back. With back to back section wins in the 2004, 2005 and 2006 races as well as a section win in 2008 and 3rd overall for the Trophy division- we know everyone is gunning for us.
My thoughts as of late have gone to a book a read a while ago. It's a campy sports cliche named- Playing for Keeps: Michael Jordan and the World He Made . It was given to me by a mentor in the corporate world. It's a quick read book that gives you a glimpse behind the mind of one of the greatest athletes of our time- the feelings he had during his failures, the drive that they instilled in him the drive to excel and to be one of the best at what he did. It reminds me alot of our sailing team. OK-We may not be Jordanesque in our accomplishments in all races- but when it comes to the mid-summer MAC- we've redefined continuity for the race in the section. This feature in itself- makes us the one everyone wants to beat. After our catostrophic finish in the 2007 MAC when we blew a one-hour lead on the fleet as we ran aground on South Graham's Shoal, I went back to this book and reread parts of it. In part to reconnect and make sense of the feeling of dissapointment of having to withdraw from the race after requiring assistance to leave the shoal. It was a feeling our team will never forget. Then the elation of coming back in the '100th Running' the next year in what has been our best finish to date in the overall dvision. This year, the pressure seems to be greater. The fact that the competition has been elevated even more in the fleet- makes the 'burn arrive' one week earlier and sting all the greater.
I find myself going to "Playing for keeps" to relieve the burn of anxiety and find solace in the last few days before the race. Who knows how this one will turn out. We have our plan- but inevitably so will all the other 350+ teams. We'll race our race- put out 150% for 48 hours and say a prayer.
Our Lady of Blessed acceleration- pray for us!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Veatch named as "Player of the Month"

Team KSG sits in 1st at the MAC break for the BC series.

In what was probably the nicest sailing evening of the season, KSG got around the course in very fine form. Adding a new bottle of MGR to the cabinet, The team got it together tonight. Outside of a minor "tactical kink" in week 4, the team has had a good Wednesday night series.

Team KSG named Jason Veatch as " player of the month" for his stellar performance in the Chicago Nood. He has become quite the bowperson and commands the pointy end.

Mid- Season BC STATS (Weeks 1-7)

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Winner of the MAC Essay Contest Announced.

Winn Shown here validating the merits of foul weather gear when it rains.

The winner of the essay contest for the 8th man spot on Karma for this year's MAC has been selected. Karma Sailing Group is proud to announce that Winn Soldani has been selected from a deep and talented pool of applicants. This year's pool had former Nobel Prize winners, prominent sports figures and (of course) your token local politicians. Winn's essay stood out amongst the collective pool of applicants, because of the sensitivity and moxy that he showed in his curt but direct essay.

Winn will be a valuable addition to this year's MAC team as he brings with him a lengthy list of skills of which 'sandwich maker' was NOT on the list. (hmmm). His experience in racing and understanding of meteorology compliments the skills of the 2009 MAC team. Winn joins Steve Mathias, Christina Cordero-Chadwick, Scott Seifert, Seth Morrell, Jack Buoscio, Martin Sandoval and Lou Sandoval as the 8th man. Team KSG welcomes him!

Winn's touching essay is listed below. It has made many of the team cry like S.C Governors at a press conference.

"Why I should be on the 2009 Karma Race to Mackinac Team"
By Winn Soldani

I should be on the 2009 Karma MAC team because I'm good enough, strong enough and gosh darn.... people like me. Thank you for the consideration.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Continued Proof Of Budget Cutbacks

We've often heard the media use the term, 'things are tough all over' to describe the existing economic climate in our country. Sailing is not immune. One of our more 'sartorially challenged owners' forwarded this as an example of how we plan on maximizing the Karma dollar for the 2009 MAC. These spiffy shirts and sailing regallia are being modeled by some goofy Sailors out East. We found a great set at the Salvation Army depot on Clybourn avenue for very little $. I particularly like the boots on the guy closest the bow.. Sweet!

Coming soon to a Mac Crew dearest to you.

You Can Pick Your Friends But You Can't Pick Your Neighbors

Oh, The Joy this Holiday weekend will be. Family, Fireworks and our Slip Neighbors, Nice big yellow sign. Port & Starboard! WOW!
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Team Karma is to the halfway mark. After two brutal back-to-back, glassy, light wind Wednesdays- the Rum meter is showing 1/4 full. Our carry over tally from the 2008 season was one bottle and we have successfully garnered one for the 2009 season. Situation critical.

Next Wednesday is our last BC before MAC prep- Si Se Puede! (We can do it!)- How about putting a few more in the tank?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Check-in for Wednesday night

Checking to see who is in for tomorrow night. Know the Matias bros are
out. Who is in/out?

Lou Sandoval

Monday, June 29, 2009

Of All the years

All the years we've done the Chi-Wauk-Chi series and it has been a tear jerker (mostly because it's so painfully slow that you just can't wait to get there, jump on the Metra and come home). From this video shared by some boats within LMSRF- it looks like the ride up and back were fun. Figured as much when I woke up Sunday am- looked out the window and saw our SOX flag ripping in the wind like Milton Bradley ripping through the parking lot during a tirade(Sorry Jason and Scott). Watch this video and check out the power reaching that these boats did. Looks like fun and makes you look forward to the Mac.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby Bauer is here! New Karma Crew Member

Conrad- Our newest crew member. Congrats to the Bauers!

Subject: Baby Bauer

Lou & Jack,

We had the baby last night. We're all tired, but doing very well.
Little Conrad Bauer weighs in at 8 pounds 12 ounces. We've got some
photos to send out soon.


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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Karma NOOD Photos on Wilkes Site

See the link below for pictures of the Karma Tator on the course this
weekend. Key word Karma

Sunday, June 21, 2009

D3- Chicago Nood

Where's the wind? We start day three flying the AP flag. Waiting for consistent wind over 3kts.

(Note the city shaded by a bank of fog waaay in the horizon.)

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chicago NOOD-Day 2 Report 2

Finally got the last race off. Good breeze- very good start for the Karma-tator. Good ending to a warm and light breeze day.

Pin End start with good distance. Rounded first weather mark in 5th. Mark approach and Down wind tactics were tricky due to very short legs (1/1.25mi).

Lanes were tight. Lost a few boats dw. Tight leeward mark rounding, but great boat mechanics by our combo team. "Flying Veatch" is doing VG on the pointy end and chipping his teeth well during this Regatta.
Finshed in 8th in a very tough Fleet. Dueled it out with Bella at the finish after two boats forced the to cede way at the finish. Bella beat us by a half boat length. Karma-tator Finished Ahead of Rally, Raptor, FOG, Joie,de vie,Erizo, Sail Monkey,AYW.

First was a 4-way tie- all at 8pts. After day 1. It Looks like "maggie mae" is running away with it after a good day. They rounded both ww marks in first. Stingray was in hot pursuit ,but not hot enough to close in on them. Let's see what the final days standings look like.

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Chicago Nood Day II

So this was the view from DuSable harbor this morning. Pretty telling of what we've seen so far. Great day for catching some rays.
Sailing on the other hand- very light and variable. We managed to pull off one race this am in very light and variable conditions. 6kts of breeze by time our section started.
We're currently on postponement as of 2:00pm. Waiting, swimming, telling tales. We've moved in closer to shore. The hot temps on land will hopefully bring us a shore breeze. We'll see.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

D1 Chicago NOOD Report 2

Karma is in dire straits- very low on Pringles. Rationing in effect. May withdraw if levels become critical...

Seriously, right about now "Abercrombie" Steve and SCOOTER are looking like geniuses (miracles do happen) for having ditched their crewmates in favor of somewhat tamer (and drier) land-based activities. Begs the question: "Who's the dummy".

No progress. Just the usual- Cristina is smiling politely thinking "Boy do these guys smell like sailors".

Great Sandwiches BTW.

Glad I brought a book- "Hardball...How Politics is Chris Mathews"


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Day 1- Chicago NOOD-

From the Looks of it, the saying " A bad day on the water is better than the best day in the office", holds true as Team Karma (tator) has enjoyed lunch in the midst of the weather postponement.
Spirits are high. What else can you do ? As we wait for Mom Nature to grace us with safer race conditions.
More to come.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

KSG Weight Plan 10 days

Enclosed is a link to the new Karma make weight in 10 days diet. So since
the NOOD is just around the corner is eight days away we can do the
abbreviated plan.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

6-3-09 Tally

Grocery list:
Need Fermented adult beverages

Here's the headcount for tommorrow:

YES- Marty,Jack,Jason, Brian, Scott, Steve, Doug
?- Kip
NO- Drew, Lou

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Wed Night Roll Call

Team K:

Quick Note to see who is in/out for tommorrow night. We are getting pretty close to NOOD time. Please reply with your availability.


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Monday, June 1, 2009

NOOD Regatta Info


For Info on the Chicago NOOD Regatta June 19-21, 2009 at Chicago Yacht Club.

Visit the Following Link:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sailing tonight


Grocery list:
Adult beverages -need
Wind- bring your own
Weather- fleece and foulies most likely.

See you there: 530p

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Karma is Tucked Away

Team K:

Karma made the trip up on this beautiful day and is tucked away in her slip. Have some tasks to check off. Plan on meeting at the boat Wed eve apres work. We'll send a list out with to do's as Jack and I are super bizzy getting client's boats ready. Will need help from all. Stay tuned.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Karma Ready to Launch.jpg

Team Karma:

Karma has her bottom done and will be launching early next week. More Details to follow. Dock call for Wed. will go out under seperate cover.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Days are getting warmer...

Karma Update:

So we've finally been able to string together a series of nice days. Hopefully, that trend will continue so we can finally put the snow/cold weather gear away and think Sailing.

Wanted to get a quick update out on the progress of the Karma Program-We've received the wood kit parts needed for the boat from France. The KYS service team is working on the boat in prep for the start of the season.

Our prelim worklist for Saturday 4/18/09 is:

-Boat/hull cleaning and wax
-Cockpit wood clean and seal.
-Spring cleaning of Karma Sailing Group Trailer
-We may have a few other items. But we'll keep it short and sweet for now.

Enclosed is an interesting clip on cross-training to prepare for the sailing season:

Harry Legum of Annapolis Sailing Fitness has been a trainer/coach for over twenty years, and has created a 'fitness for sailing' program utilized by many teams and illustrious sailors such as Terry Hutchinson and Anna Tunnicliffe.
Here he provides some exercises to aid the 'grinder' position:

Grinder-what's needed? Split second reaction time, high endurance for hand speed while at the same time having the brute force to finish the trim at the end of the tack or jibe. I find that combining a HIT program with circuit training and promoting a strong cardiovascular routine tends to work best. Plyometrics are incorporated to increase explosive power.

These five exercises will lay a solid foundation to a Grinders success:
1. Chest Fly's
2. Back One arm rows
3. 30 minute Circuit Training
4. Cardio 40-50 minutes 3-5 days a week
5. Core training
Complete report:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Team Karma Boatwork day

Team Karma:

Wanted to put this out there so that you all can "clear the calendar" with the homefront.

We are looking at a 900am rendezvous time at Crowley's on Saturday 4/18/09.

Hit us back via email to let us know your availability.

Mr. Miyagi will be coordinating our first session: Hull waxing 101.

Benjamin Moore will be leading the session of teak refinishing while Heini, AmyLite and Stella provide motivational umpf.

CU there.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

T-Minus ...

With the mild forecasts as of late, Can't help but think of sailing.

Hope everyone can join us at Yacht-A-Palooza this Saturday 9-2pm at Crowley's.

One topic that may be worthwhile sitting in on is:

2009-2013 Racing Rule Changes
12:00-2:00PM Learn about changes to the racing rules for 2009-2012.
by Dr. Warwick Coppleson & Glenn McCarthy

To see the details including the schedule for YP visit:

While we are on the subject of spring prep, how are we all doing on the "winter 15"?

Below I've attached a workout routine to think about...

I've modified mine as follows:

1. Toddler lunge- While bending knees, lift screaming toddler up. Feet , shoulder width. Lift toddler from waist height to shoulder height. Repeat until crying stops. Repeat as necessary. [relevant Sailing activity: prepares for tactician's diatribes about how you never do anything right].

2. Childcare Stairmaster- (note: need a home with multiple stairs). Run up/down stairs multiple times to get the kids clothing items needed. [helps with bursts of speed-multiple applications]

I'm sure I can come up with more.... but regardless of how. We should start thinking 'fighting weight' for the season.

One last thing: Update on Karma repairs. Wish I had better news to report. We are still waiting on parts from France. We are optimistic, but our season start may be pushed into Mid-May. We'll update as news becomes available.

Hope everyone is looking forward to getting on the water. I know I am. It has been a long and challenging Winter.


The Bowman is responsible for making sure sail changes go smoothly, jibing the spinnaker pole, organizing and running the front end of the boat. The training will be structured as if we are training to be a gymnast or rock climber.
Flexibility, lightning speed, agility, balance and strength will be needed to be effective while under pressure, anticipating the next move. Apart from a strong cardiovascular program, we can work on various exercises that can help.
A few of my favorites are:

* Squat thrust/Shoulder press: It’s a great exercise that challenges the heart rate, incorporates many different exercises all in one (synergistic) and will challenge the best athletes. This exercise can be intensified by first pre exhausting the arms and legs.
* Rows: These can be done one arm or two. Adding a Bosu ball or Stability ball will assist in working the core (Throw in Pullups, as many as possible).
* Circuit Training: This is a fantastic way to train. Basically you move from exercise to exercise every 30 seconds. The workout takes about 30 minutes and can be done with the crew or alone. Intensity will be increased or decreased depending upon routine chosen.
* Plyometrics: This helps with explosive power and speed.
* Agility ladders, cones, exer-band harness: Speed, balance and agility training.

Read on:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tips From the Bow

Hello All- not sure if you saw this in Scuttlebutt. Some good tips that apply to many of the roles on a boat....

Is it Sailing Season yet?


Amy Ironmonger, a twenty seven year old trainee lawyer is making a name for herself in the Melges 24 fleet. Joining the class in 2005 she sailed with a number of teams before landing a regular place on board Scott Nixon and Terry Hutchinson’s Quantum Racing with whom she won the 2008 North American Championship. Here is a portion of an interview on the class website where she describes the secret to being a good bow person on a Melges 24:

“One of the biggest misconceptions about the bow role is that you’re really only involved during the roundings. A bow person should be involved at all times during the race, even if being involved means hiking as hard as you can to hold a lane. There is a lot that goes into doing bow well and most of it comes from time in the boat, but there are a few simple techniques I’ve learned along the way that have helped me tremendously.

1. Keep your mind three steps ahead of your body and expect the unexpected.
2. “Cross-train.” I really believe this is the most vital tool in sailing.
Don’t devote 100% of your time to doing bow on a Melges 24.
3. Hike, hike, and … hike! It makes such a huge difference and, I’ll be honest, I hate that it does.

Much, much more:

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sailing Continuing Ed: Safety at Sea Seminar

Safety at Sea Seminar

Chicago Yacht Club is holding a Safety at Sea Seminar Saturday, March 14 at Belmont Station Clubhouse from 8:30am - 5:00pm. Its $90.00 for current members of US Sailing and $95.00 for everyone else. If you'd like to make reservations, please call 312-861-7777.

Friday, February 6, 2009

LMSRF Crew and Owner's Survey

If you have a second and wouldn't mind taking the LMSRF survey. ( It closes at midnight on the 7th.)
It's a good chance to provide feedback on the the quality of racing in Lake MI.
Keep in mind that LMSRF is the authority that coordinates the "non-major" regattas such as the Abe Jacobs, Mayor Daley, Hoblemann with the direct cooperation of the organizing authority (ie yacht clubs). Your candid feedback would be great.

Take the survey at the following link:

Lou Sandoval
Mobile: (773) 230-7761
Office Number: (773) 254-0200 Ext. 2010
~Your Lake Michigan Sailboat Dealer Specializing in Beneteau & Alerion Express~
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

2009 Schedule is Up.

The 2009 Karma Schedule is now up on the website. We've not decided what the Sheldon Clark will look like, but we'll most likely do one of the two days. Check with the schedule keepers on the homefront and book it Danno.

USA-55367 Update: The KYS service team is working on getting her back in tip-top shape. Parts just arrived from France. We'll be having a boat 'work day' as soon as the weather breaks. One of us will be in touch regarding the dates/times.

Talk to everyone soon!

Team KSG