Thursday, March 19, 2009

T-Minus ...

With the mild forecasts as of late, Can't help but think of sailing.

Hope everyone can join us at Yacht-A-Palooza this Saturday 9-2pm at Crowley's.

One topic that may be worthwhile sitting in on is:

2009-2013 Racing Rule Changes
12:00-2:00PM Learn about changes to the racing rules for 2009-2012.
by Dr. Warwick Coppleson & Glenn McCarthy

To see the details including the schedule for YP visit:

While we are on the subject of spring prep, how are we all doing on the "winter 15"?

Below I've attached a workout routine to think about...

I've modified mine as follows:

1. Toddler lunge- While bending knees, lift screaming toddler up. Feet , shoulder width. Lift toddler from waist height to shoulder height. Repeat until crying stops. Repeat as necessary. [relevant Sailing activity: prepares for tactician's diatribes about how you never do anything right].

2. Childcare Stairmaster- (note: need a home with multiple stairs). Run up/down stairs multiple times to get the kids clothing items needed. [helps with bursts of speed-multiple applications]

I'm sure I can come up with more.... but regardless of how. We should start thinking 'fighting weight' for the season.

One last thing: Update on Karma repairs. Wish I had better news to report. We are still waiting on parts from France. We are optimistic, but our season start may be pushed into Mid-May. We'll update as news becomes available.

Hope everyone is looking forward to getting on the water. I know I am. It has been a long and challenging Winter.


The Bowman is responsible for making sure sail changes go smoothly, jibing the spinnaker pole, organizing and running the front end of the boat. The training will be structured as if we are training to be a gymnast or rock climber.
Flexibility, lightning speed, agility, balance and strength will be needed to be effective while under pressure, anticipating the next move. Apart from a strong cardiovascular program, we can work on various exercises that can help.
A few of my favorites are:

* Squat thrust/Shoulder press: It’s a great exercise that challenges the heart rate, incorporates many different exercises all in one (synergistic) and will challenge the best athletes. This exercise can be intensified by first pre exhausting the arms and legs.
* Rows: These can be done one arm or two. Adding a Bosu ball or Stability ball will assist in working the core (Throw in Pullups, as many as possible).
* Circuit Training: This is a fantastic way to train. Basically you move from exercise to exercise every 30 seconds. The workout takes about 30 minutes and can be done with the crew or alone. Intensity will be increased or decreased depending upon routine chosen.
* Plyometrics: This helps with explosive power and speed.
* Agility ladders, cones, exer-band harness: Speed, balance and agility training.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tips From the Bow

Hello All- not sure if you saw this in Scuttlebutt. Some good tips that apply to many of the roles on a boat....

Is it Sailing Season yet?


Amy Ironmonger, a twenty seven year old trainee lawyer is making a name for herself in the Melges 24 fleet. Joining the class in 2005 she sailed with a number of teams before landing a regular place on board Scott Nixon and Terry Hutchinson’s Quantum Racing with whom she won the 2008 North American Championship. Here is a portion of an interview on the class website where she describes the secret to being a good bow person on a Melges 24:

“One of the biggest misconceptions about the bow role is that you’re really only involved during the roundings. A bow person should be involved at all times during the race, even if being involved means hiking as hard as you can to hold a lane. There is a lot that goes into doing bow well and most of it comes from time in the boat, but there are a few simple techniques I’ve learned along the way that have helped me tremendously.

1. Keep your mind three steps ahead of your body and expect the unexpected.
2. “Cross-train.” I really believe this is the most vital tool in sailing.
Don’t devote 100% of your time to doing bow on a Melges 24.
3. Hike, hike, and … hike! It makes such a huge difference and, I’ll be honest, I hate that it does.

Much, much more: