Monday, July 10, 2017

Lessons in Life from Sailing-A Different Game Plan

A Welcome Sight for Mac Racers

Go North- This much is certain.

Four days and counting.  The agenda is the same- Sleepless night, Wx routing and forecast review, talk about the game plan, boat work.  Where is the transition zone?  What's left on the list? Who is taking what up to the island?  You rue talking about the weather this far out because it will change at least four more times by race day. It may be windy, it may not... 

Been there , done that countless times before.  For the first time in fifteen years, its a new team, new capabilities and new possibilities.  Like a new pair of shoes- you worry about blisters- but you know that once you get used to them you will be able to cover some miles.  Adjusting to a new team holds the same promise.  A new beginning and new possibilities no looking back.  You can't cling to what was- only what will come and be ready to adjust.   

Going North with certainty- that much is certain. 


KARMA-GRAM will be sailing in Sect 2 of the Trophy division.  You can track her progress on Yellow Brick