Saturday, May 6, 2017

KARMA-GRAM- USA 51746 (SV Taipan)

S/V Taipan 1998 Farr 40 1D MH

The work has begun on the burnishing of the bottom on S/V Taipan (aka: KARMA-GRAM) our charter for the 2017 Race to Mackinac.  Warren Levins (formerly Program) and Karma USA 55367 owner's Martin and Lou Sandoval will be chartering the boat from owner Lloyd Karzen.  Levin's, a former owner of many boats named "Program" (C&C 39, Farr 40, First 36.7) is excited to participate in the Mac with the Karma Team.   

Signalling a new page in the Karma History books, Karma-Gram is a compilation of both programs.  They will be building a competitive team that addresses the three key components that make the Mac worthwile- FAST, SAFE and FUN.

Stay tuned.