Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Days are getting warmer...

Karma Update:

So we've finally been able to string together a series of nice days. Hopefully, that trend will continue so we can finally put the snow/cold weather gear away and think Sailing.

Wanted to get a quick update out on the progress of the Karma Program-We've received the wood kit parts needed for the boat from France. The KYS service team is working on the boat in prep for the start of the season.

Our prelim worklist for Saturday 4/18/09 is:

-Boat/hull cleaning and wax
-Cockpit wood clean and seal.
-Spring cleaning of Karma Sailing Group Trailer
-We may have a few other items. But we'll keep it short and sweet for now.

Enclosed is an interesting clip on cross-training to prepare for the sailing season:

Harry Legum of Annapolis Sailing Fitness has been a trainer/coach for over twenty years, and has created a 'fitness for sailing' program utilized by many teams and illustrious sailors such as Terry Hutchinson and Anna Tunnicliffe.
Here he provides some exercises to aid the 'grinder' position:

Grinder-what's needed? Split second reaction time, high endurance for hand speed while at the same time having the brute force to finish the trim at the end of the tack or jibe. I find that combining a HIT program with circuit training and promoting a strong cardiovascular routine tends to work best. Plyometrics are incorporated to increase explosive power.

These five exercises will lay a solid foundation to a Grinders success:
1. Chest Fly's
2. Back One arm rows
3. 30 minute Circuit Training
4. Cardio 40-50 minutes 3-5 days a week
5. Core training
Complete report:

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