Friday, July 17, 2009

T-Minus 24 Hours..or so

The Warning Gun Party was held last night at CYC. As luck would have it- Mother nature threw us an interesting curve ball- a storm front that moved through just as everyone was arriving- Imagine that- not this spring? How can that be?

Well- after it got everyone's 'Sunday best' a bit damp- it proceeded through - dropped the temp quite a few degrees and left a very comfortable evening in her wake.

The afternoon- was a bit of a hodgepodge of stuff today- As "Mr. Murphy" (and his silly law) had his say- there were a series of 'character building bumps in the day' on many fronts.

Thanks goes out to the KSG 'ground team' Jason "Flying V' Veatch and Mac Team member 'Scooter' Seifert for being available to head down to the harbor and help with an instrument calibration on the Big K.

A few more things to check off the list. Chez Marty will be busy working on the meals for the Team as the rest of the team works on the list of things left. That saying about the Cobbler's kids is TOO true!

Happy MAC Friday! A bit over 24 hours left until the race..

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