Friday, July 3, 2009

Winner of the MAC Essay Contest Announced.

Winn Shown here validating the merits of foul weather gear when it rains.

The winner of the essay contest for the 8th man spot on Karma for this year's MAC has been selected. Karma Sailing Group is proud to announce that Winn Soldani has been selected from a deep and talented pool of applicants. This year's pool had former Nobel Prize winners, prominent sports figures and (of course) your token local politicians. Winn's essay stood out amongst the collective pool of applicants, because of the sensitivity and moxy that he showed in his curt but direct essay.

Winn will be a valuable addition to this year's MAC team as he brings with him a lengthy list of skills of which 'sandwich maker' was NOT on the list. (hmmm). His experience in racing and understanding of meteorology compliments the skills of the 2009 MAC team. Winn joins Steve Mathias, Christina Cordero-Chadwick, Scott Seifert, Seth Morrell, Jack Buoscio, Martin Sandoval and Lou Sandoval as the 8th man. Team KSG welcomes him!

Winn's touching essay is listed below. It has made many of the team cry like S.C Governors at a press conference.

"Why I should be on the 2009 Karma Race to Mackinac Team"
By Winn Soldani

I should be on the 2009 Karma MAC team because I'm good enough, strong enough and gosh darn.... people like me. Thank you for the consideration.

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