Monday, July 18, 2011

7/18/11 0600 hours Report Race to Mackinac

Karma Team is ok and still in the race after making our way through a severe weather front that hit the fleet in the Manitou Passage.
In anticipation of the fronts we observed on the trajectory with the rhumbline we prepared our boat by changing to our blade. Crew donned safety tethers and braved the front as it made contact with us. We sailed through challenging seas and winds.  The storm front hit us at about 2400 hours.  There have been distress calls throughout the evening.  This is the first opportunity to be able to update our families.  For those of you following via our blog.  All are ok.

_____ post note 7/20/11:  The photo above represents the Wx picture of the storm.  We started seeing the storm over Wisconsin at about 2300 hours on 7/17/11 and made preparations with the crew and sails.  Our boat is depicted by one of the small black dots closest to shore on the lower right side of the screen.  Our initial estimate was that we might be able to go in between both storm cells.  The second and southernmost cell caught us producing about 20 minutes of high speed wind from various directions.   We credit the hard work of everyone on the crew, preparation and training for having made through intact.

Enclosed is a link to NEXRAD Radar coverage of the storm as it met with the rhumbline and fleet.

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